About us



The name Robyn is associated with five generations of successful insurance broking and is well-known in the Flemish insurance world.


In 1977 Jan Robyn joined his father’s office, but seven years later he decided to go his own way and started his own firm.


JRC operates from their office in Ypres, near the Grand Place. The company focuses exclusively on insurance. About 80% of its revenue comes from businesses, mainly industrial companies.  Thanks to years of expertise, clients are spread all over Belgium.


“Our strength is that we treat each case in a personal, yet professional way. Rates are extremely important, but without losing sight of the coverage itself. Only when a damage claim occurs, the real broker steps up, “ according to Jan Robyn.


Both routine and challenging cases find their way onto their desks. “We do entirely focus on insurance. Many other brokers also offer loans and mortgages, but we do not do anything else because of the complexity of customised insurance coverage,” explains Jan Robyn. “I the future, we would like to continue in the same way.”


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