Road Hauliers / industrial & commercial

Jan Robyn knows this world very well.


Besides from being a holder of a European certificate of professional haulier he is also a lecturer on behalf of professional associations and Syntra, a Belgian training institute.


Due to his extensive experience in all kinds of claims, JRC has built up a solid reputation in this field.


We look after the haulier’s interests so they can focus on their core business: transport.

When dealing with CMR claims, we take into account the delicate position of the haulier towards their client.

The amounts insured are very important and have to be reviewed annually.

All claims files should be discussed with the client on a regular basis in order to avoid at all costs that situations go bad, and also to ensure that their customers remain satisfied.


Considerations are:

  • Has the description of the cargo and the territoriality been passed on to all insurers? Are they still valid?

  • Are there any special goods? 

  • What about the carriers themselves?


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