The staff and the workers / industrial & commercial

Staff are a big asset to a company, and must be safeguarded appropriately.


Firstly, there is the compulsory part: the worker’s compensation insurance policy. The occupational accident insurance is mandatory when a business hires staff. This is a highly regulated and controlled insurance, covering temporary and permanent disability, death, medical expenses for workplace accidents and during the commute to and from work.


On top of this a business might opt for an additional coverage and guarantees according to their wishes.


There are also additional policies which include a higher wage and are beneficial for both employers and employees:

  • Group insurance coverage

  • 24 hours coverage

  • Collective hospitalization insurance policy for the employee and his family


    Considerations are:

  • Have all categories been declared with a description of the employees’ activities?

  • What is the claim declaration procedure?

  • What about prevention in cooperation for the company?

  • What about interim and student workers?

  • Is there a need for an all risks mission coverage?

  • Would a group insurance be interesting to your company?


    In this delicate matter, we can assist you with our years of experience.