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 IEPER, 06/04/2016

After the dramatic news and after the immediate emotions let us pay attention to the insurance aspects.
- First, we have to know exactly what situation we talk about – looking at the title of this article : what  cover is concerned
- In  marine business ' it is clearly determined what war is versus strikes and riots, also  when and what is covered. On top of that, there are official listings for hands with insurance premium rates to pay for these situations, by the same way indicating where something is going on or will happen. Actually everybody takes this cover. In marine it is clear and  very simple.
- Non marine insurance business is definitely more complicated. In some countries terrorism is covered in most private household fire policies , but not in industry. The wording of the general condions of full comprehensive insurance, breakdown of machinery, all risks, construction policies, personal accident insurance, guaranteed income cover, hospitalization policies should be consulted per company, per file.  Be careful, leaving for your next vacation to e.g. Egypt. The insurer might   claim that you consciously have taken a risk going there.
-  And  what about political declarations  of e.g. Fr. Mitterrand ' we are at war with   IS ‘ – If one considers France as a war zone, there is no insurance at all… but insurers will not go that far….
A good insurance broker can help  you ...


  • We gather all possible information about risks, out calls, visits, internal or external

  • Analysis

  • Evaluation (depending on the policy holder’s position)

  • Conclusion

  • Advice

  • A market analysis (in case of insurance solutions)


    The leitmotiv during all of these steps: Prevention!


    What is the intention? PEACE OF MIND – so you can concentrate on your core business.



    We are the very best at it: for more information take a look at the website of our sister company FC Logistics ltd.



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