Fire & household / private insurance

A prudent family man has worked hard to afford himself and his family a beautiful home. It is therefore necessary to protect this ‘legacy’ with a fire insurance. This policy is more than just a coverage against fire.


All insurers have developed their own product,  although there are a lot of possibilities for a common coverage. It is so important to pay attention to the conditions.


Fire insurance is a basic coverage.

There is coverage for storm and hail, winter damage, natural elements, electricity, glass breakage, etc. Expert fees, removal and demolition costs are also insured. Theft insurance is a separate option.


It is by no means an expensive coverage, but it can end very sadly when – in case of a fire – the coverage is not adequate.

When renting a property, the tenant must take out a tenant’s liability coverage because they are considered to be responsible unless they provide proof of contrary. And both tenant and the landlord of the property should ensure their possessions.


Considerations are:

  • Are the amounts insured sufficient? Possibly the proportionality rule is still applicable.

  • If the premises are used for commercial activity the insurance company has to be notified.

  • The contents of a building are always underestimated

  • Would you need a theft insurance coverage?


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