Car Insurance / Private Insurance

The liability car insurance coverage is mandatory for every vehicle that comes on public roads. The compulsory insurance covers the financial consequences of third parties whom you have caused damage to using your car, motorcycle, quad bike, etc.


Linked to this is the legal aid to defend you, whether you are liable or when you claim upon a third party. It also includes the wages of both lawyers and experts.


The coverage applies to civil cases but also to criminal cases (eg. legal defense in case of speeding). This policy is important.


In addition to this, you can take a comprehensive coverage: then you are sure of a prompt refund of the value of your car should something happen.

  • The limited comprehensive package covers a number of events like fire, theft, glass breakage, storm, hail, natural elements and collisions with animals.

  • The full comprehensive package is the most complete type of car insurance and covers everything. It also takes into account damages to your own car as a result of a collision (even when you are liable), vandalism, etc.


    The administrative difficulties of registering your vehicle are not to be underestimated, and is part of our service.


    Considerations are:

  • Have all specifications of the car, and its regular driver, been declared correctly to your insurer? Otherwise the company might recover any damage costs from you in case of a claim.

  • Is a comprehensive package the best option for me? (100% refund during 24 months, exemption, road assistance, ...)

  • Which comprehensive package should I opt for?

  • What about my rates?


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