Liabilities / industrial & commercial

 The number of claims against companies has increased dramatically in recent years, as have the amounts due. The reason for this are the European and national/Belgian legislations which provide more opportunities to claim. The product liability is a very consistent part of that increase.


Furthermore there is the liability of the directors: when things go wrong, the trustees are more likely to question the executives/executive decisions of the company. In this case, the manager also has to be protected.


With intellectual professions the professional liability is an absolute necessity. Everyone needs this coverage at least once in their professional career.


An additional legal insurance coverage is advised in this case.


Considerations are:

  • Has the full description of the activities been forwarded to the insurer and are the amounts sufficiently high?

  • Product liability: there are particular requirements for specific countries.

  • Do I need a recall coverage?

  • Do I need to assent to the guarantee of the assets under management?


    A bespoke liability insurance coverage is not a superfluous luxury.


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