Fire Insurance /Industrial & Commercial

A good claim coverage after a fire is essential in business. In one night the production system and stocks can literally go up in smoke. Prevention is better than a cure.


JRC offers traditional but also technically advanced solutions, providing alternatives that fill specific gaps in the market.


Considerations for you as a company

  • Is the description correct? Has the amount that has been insured been checked regularly?

  • What about the coverage? All risks or flexible with additional coverage?

  • Are there any overlaps with your all risks coverage?

  • What about the goods of third parties?

  • What about additional deposits – survey expenses, disposal costs, ...?

  • What if my assets are stored elsewhere?


    You will be assisted by people who can draw from years of experience to advise you on the correct course of action, so you do not lose any sleep.


    Please contact us for an appointment.